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SAA Fly-In - Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club - 22 - 23 April 2023
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Barry Widley has created a write-up of the weekend's funfly event - download the PDF report here...

Summer Funfly 2022

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Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club held their annual fly-in on 11th - 12th June 2022
what could be termed as NOT THE BEST CONDITIONS !
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Unfortunately, the weather forecasted was for high winds the whole weekend and for once the weather guy got this 100% correct !
Late on Friday the people supplying the marquée for the Bring and Buy sale cancelled because of the high winds.
Saturday arrived with the forecasted high winds, and the best that could be done was to fire up the BBQ in the big shed. Several GAC members arrived along with some members from the Balbeadie Club. Hopefully, they all enjoyed the bacon and burger rolls and a good chin wag, but no flying was done due to the heavily gusting winds.
Sunday arrived with the winds slightly reduced. Due to the lack of a marquée, the bring and buy was reduced to a car boot - but there were a number of sellers and a great selection of goodies. A large number of members from different clubs attended which we were pleased to see. We must thank them for taking the time to attend in such windy conditions - without them, the event may have been a write off. The bacon rolls and burgers went down a storm and suitably fed, a few were ready to brave the conditions to fly their aircraft.
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The Cumbernauld crew sheltering from the wind !
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Dougie from Cumbernauld flying his Tundra high.
It was blown about a bit due to the wind and light weight of the model, but a great flight and a safe landing.
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George flew his Hangar 9 Pulse.
Picture shows him recovering it after a safe landing and a good flight. However, the wind almost caught him out on take-off and George did well to hold the model and get away safely.
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There was another member I think from the Cumbernauld Club that flew an EDF jet which handled the wind well, just slowing down a bit as it penetrated the wind. He had a great flight. Sorry I didn't get pictures or a name. He also flew his helicopter, but I didn't see it. ( I must have been having another burger at the time - thanks for the pictures Don).
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Bob flew his Lark.
This flew well and he had an excellent flight despite the wheel spat looking a bit out of line.
I was lucky enough to catch a few shots with the camera as he came into land and a huge gust of wind caught the model. Unfortunately, the down draft caused his arrival to bump down but he got away with only slight damage to the undercarriage. Very bad luck but in these wind conditions it is always likely to happen.
Well done to all those pilots who flew in what could be termed as 'not the best conditions' !
Below are some photographs of the Flight Line, the Car Boot Sale, the BBQ Crew and the BBQ “Lad” and “Lass”
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Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club would like to give a Big Thank You to all who attended and helped with this event. We hope you will all come back next time when hopefully the weather will be much better
Thank You All !
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F3a Aerobatic flyers visit GAC

Glenrothes Aeromodelling club flying site was the host venue in April 2022 for the F3a aerobatic competitors to continue their Scottish circuit of competitions.
B. Lemm
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The F3a aerobatic group compete throughout the year at a number of locations at the invitation of local clubs and fly extreme precision schedules which are judged on various criteria including accuracy and fluidity of transition between manoeuvres.Each individual manoeuvre is carefully scrutinised and a score awarded and once all the numbers have been crunched the competitors are ranked in order dependant on their total score for the day. This is normally based on four rounds of pre-arranged flight schedules and tests the flying skills of even the best of the best. Points are then awarded to each of the flyers for their placing within the days event and the points are added towards an annual competition to determine the champion F3a pilot of the year.

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As can be seen from these pictures this can be a highly specialised form of flying (concentric spinning twin props for stability etc etc.) and is not for the faint hearted or if you’re flying on a budget. The all electric planes competing on the day are not cheap with many costing in the thousands of pounds.However as with all disciplines there is a starter level which allows novices to compete using less specialised equipment with models having only to meet a certain build criteria and having the ability to undertake the required manoeuvres.If you fancy getting involved, the F3a dates for the rest of the year are:June 18th, Scottish League, KinrossJuly 3rd, Scottish League, AngusJuly 23rd, Scottish League, WarrixSeptember 3rd, Scottish League, East FortuneSeptember 25th, Scottish League, DumfriesFor more info contact ...Tom Laird - F3a co-ordinator - fthreea2020@gmail.comWhatever skill levels you possess – just watching these F3a competitions is an impressive display of accuracy and precision flying !

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GAC Fun Fly 2022
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We held a club fun fly on Sunday 15th May 2022. This was the first event held since the covid pandemic started. Hopefully it will herald the beginning of some normality returning to aeromodelling events.
The weather was unkind - due to the wind, which curtailed some of the fun fly contests. Four contests were held which it was hoped would keep models safe. However, the wind did take a small toll and reserve models were required.
This was unintended to be a serious competition - good humour and great fun was enjoyed by all - sometimes resulting in much hilarity !

One Minute Timed Flight
With the time starting when wheels start to move - or hand launch, to wheels down or belly landing.
Times varied from 38s to 1m 19s, with one pilot gaining real bragging rights with exactly 1m ! Can’t say who it was can we Tom C.
Longest Glide
This to be timed after a 10s power run, again from wheels moving to power off.
Times of glide recorded from 23s to 2m 8s, the longest was Bert J with a glider which took longer to land than the actual glide time !

Spot Landing
There was a marked 1m square on the runway and the first touch-down point marked from the centre.
Distances recorded ranged from 1.5m to 16.4m and one I can’t measure as it wasn't in the field.

Two Loops and Two Rolls

These manoeuvres had to be carried outwith the flying field in an attempt to make it more even for foamy and built-up models.
Times recorded for this ranged from 23s to 1m 8s
The club pilot with the shortest time did try to wipe out the organiser - can’t say who it was can we Tam P