Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club

Aeromodelling for all …

Membership Information
The membership year at Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

Membership Fees 2023
There are two membership categories …
Junior members - £10.00 per year
Junior members should be under 18 years of age on 1st January of the subscription year to qualify.
Adult members - £61.00 per year

In addition to club membership, all pilots and trainee pilots are required to have valid flying insurance before being allowed to fly or given flight instruction. Flight insurance can be gained through one of the following …
• Scottish Aeromodelling Association (SAA)
• British Model Flying Association (BMFA)
• Large Model Association (LMA)

An application form may be downloaded from the
downloads page and should be printed out and completed. Alternatively, one may be obtained by contacting the club secretary or treasurer via the contact us page.
A copy of the club constitution may be downloaded via the
downloads page.
A copy of the club rules may be downloaded via the
downloads page.
All these documents should be read prior to completing the application form and the completed form should then be returned to either the club secretary or treasurer.

Applications will be considered by the club committee which meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Applicants are required to attend and will be advised of the committee's decision on the night.
Fees are required to be paid in person to the treasurer and as such should
not be included with the application form.
Applicants may not use the facilities of the club unless and until acceptance has been confirmed and fees have been paid.

Members MeetingsCommittee Meetings
5 Oct 202219:30Balgonie *26 Oct 202219:30Clubhouse
2 Nov 202219:30Balgonie*30 Nov 202219:30Clubhouse
14 Dec 2022 TBA19:30Clubhouse
21 Dec 2022 TBA19:30Clubhouse
9 Dec 2022 AGM **19:30Balgonie *
4 Jan 202319:30Clubhouse18 Jan 202319:30Clubhouse
27 Jan 2023 EGM - Subject: Clubhouse19:30Balgonie *
1 Feb 202319:30TBA15 Feb 202319:30Clubhouse
1 Mar 202319:30TBA15 Mar 202319:30Clubhouse
5 Apr 202319:30TBA19 Apr 202319:30Clubhouse
3 May 202319:30TBA17 May 202319:30Clubhouse
7 Jun 202319:30TBA21 Jun 202319:30Clubhouse
5 Jul 202319:30TBA19 Jul 202319:30Clubhouse
2 Aug 202319:30TBA16 Aug 202319:30Clubhouse
6 Sep 202319:30TBA20 Sep 202319:30Clubhouse
4 Oct 202319:30TBA18 Oct 202319:30Clubhouse
1 Nov 202319:30TBA15 Nov 202319:30Clubhouse
2023 AGM TBA19:00TBA13 Dec 202319:30Clubhouse
* Milton of Balgonie Village Hall, Dickson Lane, Milton of Balgonie, KY7 6QG - ///vibrating.inflame.bystander
** Club AGM follows the SAA AGM on 4 Dec 2022